Setting up computer networks requires precision. Resinate will provide experts with over a decade of experience and a commitment to excellence to ensure your network is stable and secure.

We can design and implement new business networks, upgrade existing networks, and troubleshoot your existing infrastructure. Our networking service professionals are experts at working with workstations and servers and performing backups, security checks and archiving.

Let us set up a secure wired/wireless network

Secure networking goes beyond just being able to access the Internet using your computer.

Resinate offers:

  • Wireless network setup - We can link all your computers, via secure and encrypted wireless networking, to allow you to share important files and even print them using the printers in the network.
  • Mac and PC network setup – We enable Mac and PC users to share a printer or other peripherals in the network via secure Mac and PC network setup
  • Router configuration and setup – We can efficiently configure internet, ISP, and routers for your computer network at home or at workplace. We offer both wireless and wired router configuration and setup services to ensure data can travel across the network flawlessly
  • Firewall setup and configuration - We can connect you to your business and remote locations via the internet in a secure manner by setting up VPN access. With firewall setup and configuration, we can block any malicious email or content from reaching your computer or network.
  • Wireless connection troubleshooting – For any wireless connection problem we have the solution, so that you can have instant access to important information even when on-the-go
  • Peripheral device setup – We can help install your new all-in-one printer, as well as blue tooth enabled devices, gaming consoles, or computer peripherals to connect to your network.
  • LAN and WAN Design and Integration – We design and specify systems based upon network requirements that meet your business objectives and help to ensure the best results for your network investment.

The road to networking can be quite bumpy, let Resinate make it smooth and flawless

We believe in making technology work for you. We have the most knowledgeable well trained and professional technology experts in the Atlanta Area to cater to all your networking needs.

So, what's the wait? Call or email Resinate today!